Kintsugi (金継ぎ, “golden joinery”)

Maria Lappa & friends

17 Oct - 31 Jul 18:45







The performance is a conceptual nagosiation through the ritual action, the visual environment and the original musical composition, about the concept of crack and imperfection. It explores the process of remedial experience, on a physical and mental level. Its name is borrowed from the Japanese art of repairing mainly clay vessels by mending the broken parts using gold. Therefore, anything cracked or broken is not thrown away, but it is repaired in a way that its value is tripled.

But what happens when a crack appears in the body and soul of a being? What happens when a crack appears in an entire society? What happens when gold is not enough to seal individual or collective cracks? What are the remedial steps that can be followed to reattach the areas that have been detached? Can two seemingly unlike pieces be welded together? Are all adhesive material compatible with everyone’s mental state and body?


Maria Lappa is a choreographer, trainer of physical theatre and performance artist, focusing the last 12 years on the art of Japanese Butoh. She is a member of the Russian “OddDance Theatre” of St. Petersburg and founder of the “Movement Research Project” realising projects in both Athens and Thessaloniki.

Asteris Varelas is a musician/composer focusing in percussion as well as electronic musical instruments. He is since 2010 a key member of the percussion ensemble called “Krousi” in Thessaloniki and has also participated as a musician in various performances and workshops of dance and theatre.

Eleni Kanavou is a graduate of psychology, dancer and performer who has many years of experience in performing arts.

Maria Sarof is a graduate of fine arts with specialisation in performance art and has collaborated through the years as a performer with distinguished artists both in Greece and abroad.

Eleftheria Matsentidou is a professional musician and music trainer in the city of Veria, focusing on singing and the cultivation of the voice.
The team has been assembled for the first time due to the performance Kintsugi, having the goal of doing research on the experience of the reconstructive process in times of crisis.

Kintsugi (金継ぎ, “golden joinery”)
17 Oct - 31 Jul 18:45

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