Aliki Dourmazer, Giorgos ALexakis

20 Oct - 31 Jul 20:20







This multimedia artistic work, with video and live performance, focuses on exploring the distance that exists within the human being, between the true desire and the actual decision, between emotion and will, anticipation and redemption. Inspired by the traditional song from Smyrna ‘It is not yet dawn to wake up’, the play gradually reveals an event of loss, that has taken place in the past time (video) and is experienced simultaneously in the present time (live performance), by two identical women who live in two parallel space-times: in a natural landscape of the past and in a confined room of the present. The water becomes a caress, the air a whisper, the soil a percussion sound, the loved one a bittersweet song inside the room. Two selves who experience at the same time a loss and are searching for their own redemption, from a distance.

*The work includes phrases from the Third Act of the book “Two-faced monologues of loneliness” by Katerina Angelaki – Rook.


Aliki Dourmazer and George Alexakis are artistic collaborators in multimedia performance projects. Aliki Dourmazer is an actress, performer-researcher, director, vocalist and teacher of Physical Theatre & Voice. She teaches Physical Theatre at the Drama School of NTNG and is the artistic director of Present Being Performer Laboratory – Physical Theatre & Performance. She holds a BA ‘Theatre Studies’ and MA ‘Ensemble Physical Theatre’, University of Huddersfield. She was a founding member of the international Ensemble DUENDE. She teaches at drama schools, universities and theatre groups in Greece and abroad. Yiorgos Alexakis is a visual artist. He worked for a series of years as a set painter in the NTNG. At present, he teaches arts to children while expanding his personal interest of work in the fields of photography and cinematography.Ο Γιώργος Αλεξάκης είναι εικαστικός. Εργάστηκε στο Κ.Θ.Β.Ε επί σειρά ετών σαν ζωγράφος στην σκηνογραφική παραγωγή. Τα τελευταία χρόνια διδάσκει εικαστικά σε παιδιά και παράλληλα εργάζεται με αντικείμενο την φωτογραφία και τον κινηματογράφο.

20 Oct - 31 Jul 20:20

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